civil litigation attorneyOverview of Civil Litigation

Civil law deals with disputes between individuals or organizations in which compensation may be awarded to the prevailing party.  These disputes can involve boundary lines or easements between neighbors, contract disputes between businesses or businesses and their customers, harassment and wrongful termination claims against employers, or claims for personal injuries. Unlike criminal prosecution, civil action is a lawsuit brought to court in order to receive damages or to recover a right.

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Purpose of Civil Litigation

The objectives of civil law are an attempt to right a wrong, honor an agreement, or settle a dispute. Compensation is involved when the party who is the cause of the wrong pays.

Civil law courts provide a forum for deciding disputes, such as:

1. Contract Disputes
2. Property and Neighbor Disputes
3. Wrongful Termination
4. Harassment in the Workplace
5. Discrimination in the Workplace
6. Employment Agreements
7.  Commercial Leases

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